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AB Ventus Rigid Inflatable Boat 10 VL 2022


Shipping: $775

Model: Ventus 10VL

Type: RIB

Floor: Fiberglass

Length: 10’6″

Beam: 5’7″

Dry Weight: 123 lbs

Capacity: 5 persons

Max Motor: 25hp Short Shaft

Material: Hypalon

Buy AB Ventus Rigid Inflatable Boat 10 VL 2022 Online – For Sale

Buy AB Ventus Rigid Inflatable Boat 10 VL 2022 Online is designed for extra space, durability, and performance. AB Inflatables created the Ventus as the perfect lightweight fiberglass performance tender. Due to its unique design, the Ventus requires minimal horsepower without sacrificing maneuverability.

Whether you are cruising back to the marina for lunch or hosting a fishing trip, the Ventus packs a variety of features into one small, light package. Designed with a deeper freeboard, the Ventus is equipped with a spacious interior, ensuring an enjoyable, stable, and dry ride.

The larger sizes offer seating for up to six adults, while the smaller models seat 4 adults. With an 820 CSM Orca® Coated Fabric on models from 8-10ft, it brings extra protection and with-it greater resistance and durability. Its integrated non-skid deck material also allows for extra safety and confidence on the water.

Boat Specifications

  • LOA: 10’6″
  • Beam: 5’7″
  • Weight: 123 lbs
  • Capacity: 5 persons or 1514 lbs
  • Max Motor: 25 hp Short
  • Rec Motor: 15 hp Short
  • Tube Diameter: 17″
  • Air Chambers: 3
  • Fabric Type: Hypalon
  • Factory Warranty: 10 years
  • Hull Dimensions: 9’10” x 3’7″ x 1’6″

Standard Features

  • 3 point davit lifting rings
  • Hand pump
  • Bow and stern carry handles
  • Bow tow rings (except 12′)
  • Removable seat
  • Oars
  • Rub rail
  • Maintenance kit


Can you put an outboard on an inflatable boat?

Similarly, as there are a variety of inflatable boats available today, a detachable engine is ideal for each boat type. As a proprietor, you must coordinate your inflatable boat with an engine appropriate for that specific boat. There are two fundamental sorts of detachable engines for inflatables: gas and electric.

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