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AB Lammina Rigid Inflatable Boat 9 UL Ultralight 2022


Shipping: $675

Model: Lammina 9UL

Type: RIB

Floor: Aluminum

Length: 9’1″

Beam: 4’11”

Dry Weight :75 lbs

Capacity: 4 persons

Max Motor: 8hp Short Staff

Material: Hypalon

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Boat Specifications

  • LOA: 9’1″
  • Beam: 4’11”
  • Weight: 75 lbs
  • Capacity: 4 persons or 1036 lbs
  • Max Motor: 8 hp Short
  • Rec Motor: 6 hp Short
  • Tube Diameter: 16″
  • Air Chambers: 2
  • Fabric Type: Hypalon
  • Factory Warranty: 10 years
  • Hull Dimensions: 8′ x 3’8″ x 1’7″

Standard Features

Marine grade aluminum hull, non-skid foam floor panels, bow eye, aluminum davit lifting points, rub strake, rowing seat, oarlocks with oars, hand pump, maintenance kit, owner’s manual



How many years do inflatables last?

While PVC has worked decisively throughout the long term, UV debasement is as yet a central point in the existence of an inflatable.

Where are Zodiac inflatables manufactured?

Zodiac Milpro is a French organization that produces inflatable boats and inflexible frame inflatable boats for military and expert clients. Settled in Paris, France, and with assembling offices in Delta, English Columbia, Roses, Spain, and Stevensville, Maryland.

Do inflatables use a lot of electricity?

Inflatables are presently essential for some individuals’ vacation embellishments since they are not difficult to set up, have lots of tomfooleries and some should be visible constantly. They likewise utilize much more energy than a strand of light. The power use is for the most part anyplace between 50-200 watts in 60 minutes.

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